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​Green Sun Solars’ Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are a superior design in the field of Solar Thermal. Our product is a high efficiency Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Collector. Evacuated tubes have a vacuum seal, which allows for minimal heat loss after energy hits the surface of the tube. The cylinder design keeps the panels perpendicular to the sun for longer time periods, and allows them to passively track the sun.

The collectors have an anodized header design to give the collector a more attractive appearance and longer lifespan in areas where acidic or salty air may deteriorate the standard powder coated finish that is typically used on this type of collector. The anodized fi nish will endure over many years even under harsh atmospheric conditions.

Our 30 Tube Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are manufactured and made by American companies in America. The American companies use American materials. Our collectors have a life expectancy of greater than 25 years. 

We are a proud to be an authorized dealer of Solar Panels Plus Evacuated Tube-Collector Systems for solar water heater applications. Solar Panels Plus, produces its own line of SPP evacuated tube thermal collectors, which have the highest
SRCC ratings ever listed. The high standard of testing conducted by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation qualifies our products and installations for both state and federal tax incentives.

Evacuated Tubes:

• High Efficiency
• Best in Colder Climates
• Hot Water & Heating
• Higher Output Temperatures
• Larger Families
• Zero Heat loss during absorption
• More Expensive (Higher Up-Front Cost)
• More noticeable on a low pitch roof
• Snow falls around the tubes (Heat Gains from snow reflection)
• Roof, Siding, or Ground Mounted

Evacuated Tube System offered by Green Sun Solar:

Active-Indirect (Pressurized)

In Indirect systems a solar fluid is heated in the solar collector by the sun, and the heat is transferred from the solar fluid to the domestic water using a heat exchanger.

Target Solar Fraction: 50-80%
​Green Sun Solar also has a wide variety of Flat-Plate Solar panels and systems available. These systems are best used for hot water applications in New York State. The output temperatures are not as high as Evacuated Tube Collectors, however there may be some advantages depending upon the conditions at your property.

Flat Plates, are flat in design and may look like a skylight when flush mounted on a roof. These systems are best used for small hot water users, or in conjunction with heating systems that have a small heat load

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Systems are versatile in respect to installation design. They may be an option at your property if Evacuated Tubes are not feasible.

In our personal experience with solar thermal panels, Flat Plates seem to be more efficient during the summer, whereas Evacuated Tubes seem to be more efficient in the winter.

Many companies suggest one type of product for their installations, but we understand and recognize that different system types and different panels should be considered if your property falls within certain guidelines. We will offer our expertise and professional recommendations for the type of system that should be installed at your property while keeping in mind your interests, concerns, and desires with a solar energy system.

Flat Plates:

​• Lower Efficiency
• Best in Warmer Climates
• Hot Water, Limited Heating
• Lower Output Temperatures
• Smaller Families
• Heat loss during absorption
• Less Expensive (Lower Up-Front Cost)
• Looks Like A Skylight on the Roof
• Snow Melts (heat loss reduces energy production and melts snow)
• Roof, Siding, or Ground Mounted

Flat Plate Systems Offered by Green Sun Solar:

Active-Indirect (Pressurized)


Passive systems do not rely on a pump to force circulation.

Target Solar Fraction: 50-80%

Providing American Manufactured Solar Energy Products that are Locally Assembled
Green Sun Solar also provides solar photovoltaic modules—also called solar PV panels—in an array of sizes, types and outputs. Solar PV panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity for use in homes, businesses and anywhere electricity is needed. Solar PV panels work closely with solar inverters.

Solar PV modules are composed of a number of solar cells wired together on a single panel. A single solar panel can have anywhere from 60, 72 or more solar cells that convert sunlight into usable, direct current electricity. The DC current is generally fed through an inverter to produce alternating current (AC), which is the form of electric power used in homes and businesses across North America.

We carry the SPP-230W and SPP-270W PV Modules that are Buy American Act certified, polycrystalline solar pv panel. These panels hold one of the highest PTC ratings, and hold a 25 year warranty. We also carry the PV-230AC module, a PV module that produces AC current. This means you can run the power produced by these modules directly into your juction box, reducing or eliminating your electrical bills.

These modules are 100% safe - modules do not produce power until connected to the grid for 5+ minutes. This means there is zero danger to installers, and no danger when servicing the system in the future. Employing the use of start of the art microinverter technology, these modules operate independantly of each other. This means that each panel can function at it's own peak and low points throughout the day without the system suffering losses.

 •Better Performance: The SPP AC Module is a self contained, AC power generating unit - no system losses from shading module mis-match, soiling, or age, meaning better, more effiecient, and high performance for decades

 •Completely Safe: The new, cutting edge technology used in this Solar AC Module provides unparalleled safety to installers, workers, and owners. No electrical output until the system is completely installed, secure, and connected, meaning zero electrical hazards

 •Streamlined & Simple Design: The AC Module is a simple, plug and play system, and also available with a full package of wiring, racking, and supplies.

These solar panels hold UL, ETL, and TUV certifications, allowing them to be sold and installed in the USA, Europe, and many other areas that require certifications above UL or ETL.

These are ideal for Residential, Commercial, and Utility applications alike, and boasts one of the lowest prices per watt on the market for a Buy American solar panel.